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Energy De-Regulation


 The De-Regulation of Energy supply has occurred in many states in the US.  By this, the government broke-up the monopoly that many utility companies enjoyed in the geographies they served.  The government now allows businesses and consumers to have a CHOICE in the "suppliers" of natural gas and electricity that they wish to supply their business.  The utility company remains responsible for delivering and servicing the supply of the commodity.  In many states, there are anywhere from six, to upwards of thirty licensed suppliers from which businesses and consumers can choose.

“Not all suppliers are created EQUALLY everyday”    That’s why we partnered with a company that is the business of doing the leg-work for our clients and pairing up each client with the supplier that can best accommodate their needs.   They analyze our client’s utility and supplier bills and look for things like peak and off-peak usages, and any other particulars that are unique to the client’s business.  Natural gas and electricity are commodities and prices can change daily, so its important to monitor the market treads.   Lastly, they will present a few options from which the client can choose.  Over the years, they have saved tens of thousands of dollars for our clients!



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Energy Management

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Solar  -   Many organizations pride themselves on their “sustainability initiatives” promoting conservation and cost reduction.​​​​​

Community Solar - subscribe to SOLAR Energy with NO PANELS on your roof!

                                 (10% to 25% savings on electricity costs)

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 EnerG² is a device that was developed by The Madison Energy Group and contains a non-toxic, food safe gel compound that has similar thermal properties to that of food and beverage.  It is therefore, not subject to the same wider and more volatile standard of deviation in temperature that ambient air is.

The technology of EnerG² is based on the fact that food and beverage products contain significantly differently thermal properties than air.  This means that their temperatures rise and fall at different rates and at different intervals.  This causes inefficiency in operation because typical measurement is of the environment (air) and not the actual food and beverage product.  Air, having very little density, fluctuates with more volatility thereby causing the coolers to engage in cooling cycles unnecessarily, while EnerG² simulates the stable temperature curve of food product and allows the cooler to operate only when it needs to. This not only reduces energy consumption by 15-25% but also compressor cycles by 40-60%.

Revolutionary technology is defined by its ability to create a paradigm shift in its industry. IntelliHVAC does just that.

While HVAC systems have made progress over the past few decades, there are still a few distinct opportunities to improve their overall operation and efficiency. IntelliHVAC is a dual microprocessor that retrofits to most existing central air HVAC systems.  The technology contains both a variable post-purge fan control and compressor cycle functions that work together to create a significantly more efficient operational environment within the system.

IntelliHVAC operates in both heating and cooling modes and delivers energy savings ranging 10 – 30% depending on season.  In addition to energy savings, compressor cycles are also reduced which translates into both maintenance savings and longer equipment life.
The core of the IntelliHVAC technology is one that has been studied and proven across the industry and by numerous major utilities.  Several HVAC manufacturers are even starting to include lesser versions of it into their latest models.  IntelliHVAC takes this technology one step further with its compressor cycle function and ensures that the system is optimized with regard to the relationship between fan and compressor.

Given that HVAC constitutes 50-60% of the total energy expense, retrofitting IntelliHVAC represents a significant opportunity.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) and Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP) installed across the country outnumber all other HVAC systems combined. They are self-contained HVAC systems commonly found in hotels, motels, apartments, condos, schools, medical facilities and offices nationwide.

IntelliPTAC is a moisture proof PCBA with a combination of software, firmware and circuitry designed to optimize efficiency of operation of PTAC/PTHP units through intervening control of PTAC / PTHP system component activity. Subtle influences on system activity result in substantial savings in PTAC operating cost; usually about 10-15%.

PTAC/PTHP Control Panelsusually have buttons or dials to set the machine to condition the air in a room to a desired temperature. When the room reaches the temperature set point, the PTAC heat exchanger unit / cooling compressor cycles off.

The fan, however, continues to run for about sixty seconds. Studies show that PTAC / PTHP heat exchanger coils also retain energy after the compressor and fan rest. The heater remains hot or the coils remain cold and wet. It is the IntelliPTAC that initiates recovery of this otherwise wasted energy. The device works by extending the fan operation for a variable time period based on its assessment of current session activity. It takes advantage of system component heating/cooling energy that is, otherwise, lost
In most situations, the amount of time the fan continues to operate after the compressor shuts off varies with the amount of time the compressor has spent on and off during a service session as determined by the IntelliPTAC microprocessor and firmware. The additional fan run time indicates how much cold water is condensed on the evaporative coil and how much left over energy is stored in the heat exchanger when the compressor cycles down.

All things considered, IntelliPTAC recovers and delivers more heating and cooling energy to the conditioned room than is possible with original PTAC/PTHP. This device will improve the efficiency by delivering additional heating or cooling capacity for a reduced amount of additional electric energy (kWh). IntelliPTAC also extends the service life of the equipment through greater efficiency and fewer cycles.

Commercial Energy Saving Devices

IntelliPTAC (more info below)

IntelliPTAC (more info below)

IntelliPTAC (more info below)



IntelliPTAC (more info below)

IntelliPTAC (more info below)












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Smart Energy Sensory Management


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Smart Energy Sensory Management  -  Let us connect you with a company who will forensically monitor the efficiency of your building systems, thus saving tremendously on operational costs. 

LED  -      LED lights reduce costs, cut down on the amount of heat generated from traditional bulbs and they are more environmentally “friendly” than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.  OUR TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS (see below PDF) will save you money on your utility bills.  Our expertise goes far beyond that of many other companies that provide LED lighting solutions.   In many cases, our engineers can calculate and capture additional tax saving dollars for our clients.  We are experts at facilitating the 179D tax reduction initiatives for owners of commercial property and 45L tax incentives residential/commercial property owners.  Additional 179D tax savings are also available for efficiency improvements to HVAC systems and the building envelope.  

There are also a host of additional OUR TAX SOLUTIONS (see below PDF) that may be available for your specific situation.


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